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A novel series by
Bryon Smith

Since Bryon began writing in high school in 1970 he's written science fiction  & fantasy about flying talking cars, alien beings, and a mix of super hero types both with and without special powers.

Before the KITT car on the TV series, Night Rider, Bryon had one.  Before the Super Bike series, he had one.  Certainly the stories are different but some of the ideas were similar.

A colony of earth based aliens known as Sarans, merpeople farmed the ocean's floor, included in this novel series.

In novel one, The Crown, you become acquainted with Megan and her friends and learn how she became Ember Reign.  They tangle with a very nasty corporate executive, a murderer, the MIBs and make a new and unlikely friend.

The "Mystery Man" Richard King, a former DEA officer murdered and left for dead in the desert, reappears years later to find out what happened to set things right.  His looks have changed somewhat but he hasn't aged a day.
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This is a fun novel series with a mix of mystery, intrigue, action and humor.

Every character has their own unique personality and background story.

Megan and May are best friends.  They grew up together in suburbs of the city.  Two average seniors about to graduate from high school.  In their attempt to save grandma's farm from a business tycoon they find a message from Megan's deceased grandfather that pulls them into a mystery.  While trying to solve that case they are pulled into a murder mystery.

Four of the most notorious characters in these novels are Brianna "The Nosey Neighbor Girl" who does exactly the opposite of what she's told.  The strange thing is her knack for doing the opposite is what frequently saves the day.

May is Megan's best friend but she is no push-over.  She will stand her ground and say what's on her mind even if Megan doesn't like it.
Entering the Novels in book 3
Kim is a brilliant but misunderstood young lady and her partner in crime Rose is a companion on a mile wide, half mile high mother ship in orbit around Saturn.  Kim would be close to a geek in our world because she has an uncanny understanding for computers and robots.

Rose is a companion and these begin as specially gifted children who grow up in a special school.  They learn biology, martial arts and are the peace keeping force among the people who live among the stars.  They are the E.M.T.s, nurses, doctors, and specially skilled workers.

These two are both brilliant in different ways complementing each other's abilities.  They also have a knack for getting into trouble, sometimes it's an accident but sometimes it's because they get bored and like to play pranks.

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