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Bryon Earl Smith
Bryon's fond memories of his childhood are incorporated into these novels.

Raised in a small town in IL. he spent a great deal of time working on his grandparent's farm.  His grandpa John Smith was a veterinarian so Bryon worked with all kinds of farm animals.

From mowing the yard, feeding and watering the animals, to gathering the eggs he did it all as a youth.  At 12 years of age he was riding a tractor working in the fields from before sunrise until after dark.

His grandparents helped build the little Church of Christ at Greenpond, IL and their names can still be found in the walkway leading to the church.  This church later changed its name to "Greenpond Church."  This small farming community was the basis for Peaceful Pond in the Megan Martin and Ember Reign novels.

In the novels the Martin farm is located where the Smith farm was
.  The real house was a single story with an outhouse.  The Martin house was changed to a three story for the purpose of the novel plot.  The chicken shed, the barn, the hog lots and fields including the pond in the middle of the south 40 are all based on the original location.  The farm at the far south of the Smith farm had previously been the old Sidwell farm, also mentioned as locations in the novels including the stream that flowed through it.

Bryon was fascinated with electronics, S.C.U.B.A. diving and flying at a young age and became a certified diver then later a licensed pilot, as well as a HAM radio operator.

Despite the fact he had been told there are no such thing as ghosts, Bryon and his sister Gina grew up in a haunted house
. Their rooms were upstairs.  At any given time of the day or night latched doors would inexplicably open and close.  Footsteps were frequently heard going up and down the wooden stairs.

They had also been told there is no such thing as a UFO
or alien beings but in 1970 about 11:30PM, he and a friend had a very close encounter with a hovering 30' glowing disk.  He came to realize he had been taught things that were clearly not correct so he set out to find the truth on his own.  From that time until now he has investigated the paranormal and UFO related fields, sometimes working with well known investigators such as Bill Pitts.  He's done interviews with many others including Frank Kauffman and Glen Dennis who were involved in the Roswell crashes in July 1947. While working with Bill Pitts of the New Project Blue Book he investigated the mass UFO sightings of small black triangular craft sighted in and around Miami, OK.

Bryon worked in electronics, fixing radios, building towers, and working as an assistant to the manager of John the Diver shop #3 for about 3 years then moved from Joplin, MO to the Lake of the Ozarks where he ran a small C.B. radio shop near Linn Creek, MO.  He met the young lady he would eventually marry while working at that CB shop.  They moved from there to Fort Smith, AR. where he worked for B.&T. Coal loading barges.  She worked as a computer programmer.

Their first home in Fort Smith was so haunted no one could live there
but they were not aware of full details of the situation until after they had bought the house.  This house made the one he grew up in seem tame.  Things would turn off and on, doors would open and close at all hours of the day.  He set out to find out what was causing it, and he did, that story and the UFO stories can be found on one of his websites... Spooky Places.  He resolved that problem, the house is quiet now but he knew without a shadow of a doubt there are things that exist unseen around us without most being aware of it.

In the 1980s he ran a computerized bulletin board system that housed two BBSs.  One was the Rainbow-Dream-Link family oriented while the other was ParaNet TAU dealing with the subject of UFOs, government cover-ups and the existence of alien beings.  During that time he discussed his encounters with many including Bill Cooper, John Lear, Jim Speisor, Don Ecker, Vickie Cooper.  These messages were 'echoed' around the world over the phone lines to other BBSs every night.

Interviews with Bryon by other investigators and files from the old ParaNet system can still be found on the Internet.

As a lad back home he realized that sometimes dreams can be speaking of real events.  Sometimes in symbols, sometimes they are literal, and sometimes they are a mix of both.  His research into the subject of dreams and his knowledge of the bible is the reason why the Rainbow BBS was named "Dream-Link."  He kept dream journals and foresaw both Space Shuttle disasters before they happened and knew what those dreams were saying before those events took place.  When the Internet came along he moved Dream-Link to the Internet where he runs a website by the same name for the purpose of the understanding of dreams.

In 1989 he had a dream in which he heard a voice say "You will meet a man who has strange ideas about UFOs and the beings behind them."  Then he saw a page that turned, on the second page he read highlighted text "Ask him to give you a sign from Heaven so you will know who sent him."  He wrote the dream down and forgot about it.  One week later he was shooting the UFO conference in Eureka Springs, AR and met this man.  The man's name is Ray Griffin and he told Bryon he was going to go to Fyffe, AL and interview two reporters there about their encounter with alien beings of a giant midnight blue triangular UFO.  He thought the man was out of his mind but a week later had another dream that told him to go and in this one he saw the symbol or sign that he was to ask about.  Ray asked him what he had seen but Bryon said "Why don't you tell me."  The man did tell him what he had seen in that dream / night vision.

A CG model of that UFO can be seen on the covers of Megan Martin "A Space In Time" and the cover of Ember Reign "Project Fallen Angel."  He's had experiences that are best told as science fiction, but those who have had similar experiences can read these novels and understand it's not all fiction.

Years after his close encounter with that UFO / flying saucer he went to meet his dad for dinner in Kampsville, IL where his dad introduced him to a man and woman who said their son went for rides with the spacemen in that same flying saucer.  He listened as the mother told her story (which is posted on in the UFO section) and he said the spacemen in that ship looked just like we do.  If you saw them on the street dressed as we do you would not know who they were.  Remembering that Daniel Fry told the exact same story in 1989 at the UFO conference things began to make sense.  It was certain that not all aliens were bug-eyed grays.  We have relatives out there among the stars who look just like we do.

Interviewing the two reporters Susan Stockman and Terry Baker,
they said Ray Griffin told them where to go and when.  They would have an experience with the beings in the midnight blue triangle ship.  They came with their cameras expecting to see the ship but that's not what happened.  A spirit descended upon them that sounded like a tornado.  Terry said "It sounded like someone dumped a tanker of gas on a parking lot then lit it."  They had no explanation but jumped in Terry's car and drove to the fire-station in Fyffe leaving their cameras behind in the field.  Later they did return to get their cameras and went home.  They had several more experiences with the beings in that craft and some of the things they didn't say on video.  Bryon draws from all of his experiences even the experiences that other credible witnesses have shared with him.  He knows things and tells things sometimes that can only be written as science fiction.

Some of his experiences are the inspiration for events in the Ember Reign and Megan Martin novels.  He says "It's not all fact, but it's not all fiction either."  Over the years people who bought the Megan Martin novels have showed up at his door to ask him, "Was this real or fiction?"  If they asked the right questions he would tell them.  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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